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Payment Support

We accept credit cards, PayPal, checks, money orders, and bank wires. We do not accept cash payments. To pay with cash you must use a bank wire or money order. 

Our Process

With our creative process in digital and traditional marketing, we make it happen by helping to position brands in the consumer's minds.

Immersive Approach

Creative Process

Our greatest strength arises from the talent to create brands and position brands, but above all, to move their products. We start from the premise that each client is a particular challenge and through integral work, we are moving towards a common goal: Results.

We provide a full spectrum of marketing and design services according to your needs.

Solving projects with creativity
Reaching goals and objectives

Strategic Marketing

We create the perfect composition of all areas, to create a chain reaction that goes from obtaining data and conceptualizing ideas through development and construction, to the implementation and dissemination of strategies to increase sales.

MAGIKA STUDIOS VFX is the strategic brain that coordinates research in marketing. When defining the strategy and creative concept, the process continues in the areas of Development and Production, which include Design, Printing, Store Design, Photography, Video and Film Production, Digital Audio, Post-Production, Web, and Multimedia. The process ends in our media area, where marketing strategies are implemented and communication strategies are disseminated.


To identify and understand the company’s mission and business needs and how it can benefit consumers. Several analyses such as 5C, SWOT, and PEST analysis take place.


We evaluate internal and external factors that affect your business and market. Based on the analysis, goals and requirements are transformed into ideas and creative solutions.


We prioritize and map out which opportunities to purse in the marketing plan, defining the marketing mix necessary elements and setting budget and goals.


Implementation and administration, at this stage we reach out to customers to inform and persuade them about your product or service.


The strategic marketing process is dynamic. Together we regularly measure and evaluate the results of the plan in order to succeed.

Your Success

Customer satisfaction is our highest goal, using creative approaches in marketing, advertising and graphic design.