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A collection of graphic and editorial design case studies from Magika Studios, a web design provider and digital marketing services.

Printed/Digital Catalog - Logo Design


TCW STUDIOS is a brand design agency specializing in branding, web design, digital innovation, retail strategy & advertising in Mexico City. We created a corporate structure with a classy style. The imagery is more dynamic and modern to provide a unique look.
Evolution and revolution.

The TCW Studios required a change asap. Revolutionary logos are effective at hailing mergers or marking the complete renovation of a damaged brand. If a company experiences significant change, it makes sense that the brand and logo follow suit. A revolutionary logo can alter the audience's perception of the entire brand. It should grab attention and make a definite statement about the brand's future direction.

Sometimes, however, it is better to evolve. Evolve a logo if the brand is evolving. It's easy to remember, but it's tricky to pull off. Evolutionary change is subtle, but if it is so minor that it goes unnoticed, it misses the point.

The logo change is an excellent opportunity to gain attention and renew enthusiasm about the brand. It can signal a sharp end and reflect on where the organization is going while respecting the brand's past; it also energizes the client's employees, from sales staff to management, if employees see results at a daily level.

Change can be as simple as improving morale by refreshing the corporate fleet vehicles. Give the client's sales staff a reason to reintroduce themselves to past prospects and clients by signaling organizational change; they'll turn it into fiscal results for themselves and the organization. Change can energize and stimulate profit if managed to your client's advantage.

A logo design for TCW Studios
A photo of a brochure designed by Magika Studios
A photo of a brochure designed by Magika Studios


We helped the photographer Roberto Sanchez to create a catalog of his Animal Wild Nation photo collection with signature photos.

The catalog includes 32 pages of original photographs. A logo and artwork were created for this purpose.

HELLA Automotive South Africa

HELLA is a globally positioned, independent, family-owned company with more than 100 years of history. They develop and manufacture lighting technology and electronic products for the automobile industry.

The company's annual report included 64 pages of original photographs, marketing information, and statistical information.