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We accept credit cards, PayPal, checks, money orders, and bank wires. We do not accept cash payments. To pay with cash you must use a bank wire or money order. 

Digital Marketing / SEO

Our digital marketing services promote brands online and connect with potential customers using many forms of digital communication, including emailing, social media, SEO, and web-based advertising.


Digital Marketing Tools

A full-spectrum of digital marketing services for your business will help to thrive in the digital escenario:

Search Engine Optimization

Our SEO process will help your business rank higher in Google search results, ultimately increasing search engine traffic to the business’s website. To accomplish this, SEO marketers research words and phrases consumers are using to search for information online, and use those terms in their own content.

Social Media Marketing

Expand and market to your audiences on social media. Our team build social media campaigns to help your business grow and engage your followers, evaluating customers' online behavior. Using data and analytics, we develop custom social media brand management and paid advertising strategies tailored to your business.

E-Mail marketing campaigns

Let's make your email marketing campaigns stand out and work for your business. We create personalized email newsletters and encourage your customers to take your desired action. Our team builds your subscriber list, and tests email campaigns before going live to ensure delivering and success.

E-mail Marketing

Why is so important?

A person receives over 100 emails daily; standing out in the inbox takes a clear strategy. Therefore, an Email marketing campaign is a strategic tool that allows a company to share vital information, promotions, events, news, and updates consistently. With Magika Studios, we’ll help your email marketing campaigns achieve tremendous success by increasing overall email interaction and trackable conversion rates while decreasing your unsubscribe and bounce rates.

Is your digital strategy up to date?

Digital marketing benefits

Nowadays digital marketing has become one of the top marketing activities to reach a wide audience of people, offering a number of advantages as well. These are a few of the benefits:
A digital World map

Geographical Reach

As any ad online is posted, people can see it no matter where they are. An ad online can be geographically targeted, making easy to grow your business's market reach.
Cost efficiency is paramount in digital marketing activities

Cost Efficiency

Digital marketing not only reaches a broader audience but also carries a lower cost than the traditional media. This allows having control over target audiences and interaction with your audience in real time. An ad can draws visitors to your blog or website, collect information, create email marketing campaigns that delivers messages to targeted customer lists, arrange meetings or simply inform about product updates or services.
Illustration shows a digital marketing ecosystem

Quantifiable Results

Statistical results are generated providing insight on how the customers were attracted and how much revenue it ultimately drives. Digital marketing software and platforms automatically track the number of desired conversions that you get, whether that means email open rates, visits to your home page, or direct purchases.

A user using a smartphone for website browsing


Digital marketing allows you to gather customer data in a way that offline marketing can't. Data collected digitally tends to be much more precise and specific.

The photo depicts multiple vectors and Internet imagery.

Connect with your Customers

Communicate with your customers in real-time but more importantly, let them communicate with you. It's great when your target audience sees your latest post, but it's even better when they comment on it or share it. It means, increased visibility every time someone joins the conversation.

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