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We accept credit cards, PayPal, checks, money orders, and bank wires. We do not accept cash payments. To pay with cash you must use a bank wire or money order. 

Progress with technology

3D Animation

We integrate 3D animation into our productions by creating photorealistic 3D animations that visually depict the simulation, assembly, and inner workings of a product or character for a commercial spot. Today, it is considered one of the fastest and easiest ways to depict product imagery and develop animated training videos for businesses across numerous industries.

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Frequent questions

How long does it take to produce a 3D Animation?

The process of 3D animation on average takes around 3-8 weeks to create a dynamic 3D animation. Approximately 4-10 weeks is required for product videos with high details and environmental modeling. About 10-12 weeks is a timeframe needed to create animations involving complex modeling and expansive narrative. Whatever idea you have in mind, our animation team is ready to meet and even exceed your expectations.

What is the cost of a 3D animation?

Different factors need to be considered for a 3D animation: Video lengths; Complexity; Style of 3D animation; the number of characters and objects; Detail level. Let us know your 3D project requirements.

Let’s conceptualize and design your idea with creative professionals.

Entrust your ideas to our talented team. From the conceptualization of idea, we convert this creativity into storyboards, then the 3D modeling process starts including texturing, rigging and animation. To bring the scene to life, we set up lighting and camera settings to match real video or 3d scenes perspective, zooming, panning and much more. Afterward, rendering, compositing, and special VFX are combined with music and sound effects. to make your video a memorable to the audience